Our Services

  • Internet for Residential Customers

    Flat-rate $222 per Gigabit plan

    Internet for Residential Customers

    Only $222 for GigabitEthernet connection. Front of the line access to Canadian traffic.

    * - Subject of coverage availability.

  • Internet for Commercial Customers

    Flat-rate $2222 per Gigabit plan

    Internet for Commercial Customers

    Only $2222 for GigabitEthernet connection. Speed guaranteed up to WPGIX infrastructure and US/Canada resources that also connected on speed 1GE or higher.

    * - Subject of coverage availability.

  • Colocation/Hosting

    min. $50 hosting, $100 VPS, $300 dedicated server


    Minimum monthly fee describe generic service with normal usage. If you expect to generate terabytes of traffic or need specific extra-performance CPU be ready to get higher quote.

    * - Huge discounts available for existing customers.

  • IT Consulting

    $90 per hour.

    IT Consulting

    If nobody else can resolve your IT problem please contact us.

    If you know someone who can help you call them. Infotec Manitoba work only with really hard cases.

  • IT Security Audit

    Take care about security of your business.

    IT Security Audit

    If you accept credit-cards and want to avoid penalties for DSS PCI non-compliance. We can take care about your network.

    WannaCry destroyed all company data, virus got full control of your server or WikiLeaks published all your secrets? Sooner you find us, less chances for hackers.

  • IT Hardware Procurement

    Best prices for servers, network equipment, computers and software.

    IT Hardware Procurement

    You can reduce TCO by choosing proper type of equipment based on latest technologies.

    We are working directly with TechData, D&H, Synnex, ASI and other wholesale distributors.

    Advanced logistics available for IT equipment from US, Canada and Europe.